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Let`s meet together – International Recumbent Meeting in the Czech Republic


There will be an amazing chance to meet with other members of the recumbent community. In the middle of September there will be a big international recumbent meeting organized in Uherský Brod, Czech Republic.

And we would like to invite you there. Czech recumbent riders organize meetings annually and every five years there is a big even organized in Uherský Brod. This will happen this September and we would like to make it worth to come for you so we organize also a pre-meeting tour from Prague to Uherský Brod.
What can you expect:
– around 200 (or maybe even more) riders and bikes, trikes, velomobiles from all Europe
– people with whom you can share your passion for trikes and recumbent bikes
– great atmosphere with easy rides and good support
– slide shows from tours and expeditions
– traditional cembalo band
– great local beer and vine
– amazing Saturday Night Sound and Light Ride and much more

We are looking forward to meet with you!

Web page: www.recumbent-meeting.com


New small update


Almost one year has passed since we establish this site. Now we have 400 registered users and we hope the number will grow.
Now we give the possibility to register users who don’t have the recumbent yet but they would like to have one. When you click to the registration form, just click to “I don’t have a recumbent” like on the screenshot below. Fields for bikes will be hidden.

Click this checkbox for non-recumbent users

Click this checkbox for non-recumbent users

When you buy or build a recumbent, you can add it after you will sign-in to your profile and after by unthicking the checkbox “I don’t have a recumbent“.


Screenshot 2014-12-15 06.58.33

Hello all,
Thank you very for all of you who sent us the feedback. According this we are able to improve the site.

What was improved:

  • missing countries were added
  • registration form – in case you dont find your manufacturer, choose “Other” and then you will be able to fill new brand and it’s model.
  • repaired some other minor issues like number of registered users.
  • If you don’t want have the point exactly over your home just drag your marker and move it whenever you want.

    I would like to ask them who are already registered and your bike information is missing, please send the brand and model to Karlos (through message client – it is shown only for users who have ticked “To be contacted by other users“). In the registration form was exception which was not caught.

    Thank you once again for your feedback.

    First post – Thanks – New brands

    Screenshot 2014-12-15 07.00.44

    First of all we would like to thank those over 100 recumbent riders for registering to the web. Pleaase, share and spread the idea. As more of us will be registered as more useful and enjoyable the web will be.

    We have added few new recumbent brands and we should adjust the system so you will be able to add the brands and models by yourself. We will see how that will work.

    If there are still any brands or models missing, just let us know via e-mail. There is a link on the main page to send us feedback.


    Welcome to Recumbent World!

    Screenshot 2014-12-15 06.59.39

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome! This website is focused on recumbent users and the aim is to make a world map of recumbenteers. You can also contact each other if the other side wants to be.

    Register and see how the map is filling!